What's Kickstarter?

Launching on Kickstarter means that with your help, this exceptional wash bag will get made. Without it, we’re back to the drawing board.
— Matt, co-founder of Thomas Clipper



Kickstarter is a website where you can pre-order ('pledge' in Kickstarter terminology) products for a limited time (just 25 days for our Tuscan Wash Bag).

If enough people pledge, we start making the bags and razor head guards right away.

If not: nobody gets charged, and we're back to the drawing board.

The campaign for our Tuscan Wash Bag ended in June 2016, and the bag is currently being hand-made in Tuscany.



Why Kickstarter?


Better for you:

A chance to get your hands on our brilliant products before anyone else on the planet.

A chance to get an 'earlybird' deal - a small 'thank you' for helping us make something new.

A chance to support a business doing things a bit differently.


Better for us:

We get the funding we need to make fantastic new gear without taking out an expensive bank loan.

We get immediate feedback about what our customers think of our newest products.

We get a brilliant community of passionate backers who help to guide the future direction of our business.

Since our launch on April 28, 2009, over $2 billion has been pledged by more than 10 million people, funding more than 100,000 creative projects.
— Kickstarter, from their website

How do I get the bag?


The bag was successfully funded on Kickstarter in June 2016. It will be available online on our website, and at Fortnum and Mason in London, in time for Christmas 2016.

Of course, the first people to get the bag will be the backers of our Kickstarter. To be one of the next, just email us at admin@thomasclipper.com and we'll notify you of when we're ready to launch.