100% organic alcohol.

No animal testing.

10% profits in 2017 to charity.

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We believe in making things the right way. That means starting with the best artisans in the world, in Grasse France.

But it also means mixing, maturing and filling the cologne in Britain using organic alcohol. It means never using animal testing. And we're donating 10% of this year's cologne profits to a charity that our pre-ordering customers will choose together.

We can't save the world with a cologne, but if we can make it a little better why not give it a shot.



Democratising men's cologne creation.

Boutique production.

No compromise.



Matt and Antonio introduce UNITE.


Democratising Cologne Creation

UNITE is a set of boutique men's colognes developed by Thomas Clipper in Grasse, made in small batches in Britain and blended every day by you.

The collection is made up of three fragrances: City, Coast and Country. Each is subtle and sophisticated when used alone. But when you combine them together you can discover incredible combinations to suit your mood, the occasion or the season.

With UNITE we’ve made it simple and satisfying for every man to blend and create his own cologne.
— Matt, co-founder of Thomas Clipper

We're launching on First Edition - the crowdfunding platform designed to get better quality products into your hands, and reward responsible businesses.