Full grain European leather, sourced and sustainably vegetable-tanned by a historic family business in Tuscany. Your wash bag looks unique from day one and improves with age.


From tannery to workshop, each bag is handmade from start to finish in Florence by expert artisans. 

Today, only a fraction of leather goods are created using this traditional process. We're going back to the heritage of leatherworking because it makes for better looking, longer lasting products.

...a superbly sophisticated wash bag. Hand-made in Tuscany from European, vegetable-tanned leather, this is the sort of stylish, hard-wearing travel kit every frequent flier needs - clean-shaven or not.
— British GQ
Most beautiful piece of luggage I’ve bought. Great work, gents.
— Chris (a customer), Newport Beach, CA

The water used in the vegetable tanning process is purified naturally before being reintroduced into the Arno. This process creates fertiliser as a byproduct, which is used on the fields and vineyards nearby. All in all, it adds up to a cleaner river and better tasting Chianti.

The razor guard fits all Thomas Clipper razors and is made for the offcuts in production, making the most of an exceptional grade of traditional Tuscan leather.

The Razor Guard
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The Tuscan Wash Bag
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