Thomas Clipper is a brand who believe in making a product that lasts... that will travel with you through thick and thin.
— Morgan at The Holborn magazine

We source sustainable British wood, some deposited in peat bogs thousands of years ago, some 300 planted 300 years ago and felled naturally in storms.

We use vegetable-tanned leather. Most leather is chemical-tanned which is faster but worse for the environment. We tan slowly, carefully and traditionally. It makes for better more unique leather, and we break down the vegetable oils with bacteria to release clean water back into the river Arno when the process is finished, and create fertiliser for the fields nearby. Your Tuscan Wash Bag might have helped your Tuscan Chianti grow...

Our brushes use and high quality synthetic bristles for a better smelling, better lathering and more animal-friendly shave. Our soap is handmade in Norfolk from 100% natural ingredients and our razor guard is made from negative spaces in the pattern of our wash bag to reduce waste.

Sourcing is important of course, but it's only the beginning.

We believe there's no better way to reduce our impact than to design and create beautiful objects built to stand the test of time. If you love our products so much that you carry them with you for years to come, we've done our job.