Matt and Antonio founded Thomas Clipper in 2014 to bring a more inspiring morning to men all over the world through British design, world-class craftsmanship and meticulous sourcing.



We started with a simple question: how could we create the perfect shave?

If a single blade is what your barber uses, it should be what you’re using at home, so we started with a classic single blade double edge razor.

We formulated a British-made organic frankincense shave oil clinically proven to reduce razor rash. A hot flannel wash before you shave helps to prepare your whiskers for the perfect minimalist shave. So we sourced our organic cotton flannel, made responsibly and hand-finished in Devon.

After it was ready to go, we launched on Kickstarter and within a few weeks we were over-funded. Thomas Clipper had begun.


The Next Step

We asked our Kickstarter backers what they wanted next. They knew that a world beating shave requires brilliant bristles and a natural lather, so they asked for a brush, bowl and soap.

That started on the North Norfolk coast with Sara and her team, who created our juniper-scented shave soap: it’s all-natural and designed to work on top of our oil to provide a smooth, satisfying shave.

To make a fantastic shave brush and lathering bowl we worked with Richard in Leicester using locally sourced 300 year old British chestnut from the historic Boughton estate. Each brush features custom designed synthetic bristles, whilst each bowl is laser-engraved with the GPS co-ordinates of where the tree grew to give a sense of place to your morning shave.

The Kickstarter we launched for these products was one of the fastest-funded in the history of male grooming crowdsourcing.


A fantastic morning, wherever you wake up

We believe your morning matters even more when you’re on the road. So we weren't surprised when our customers voted for us to make the Tuscan Wash Bag as our third crowdfunding project.

There’s nothing like unwinding into a familiar ritual when you’re in a new place. So we created your perfect travel companion: crafted in vegetable-tanned leather sourced from Giorgio on the banks of the Arno and handmade by Max and his team in Florence.



investment after 23 months


In two years TC went from sketch, to prototype, to a business shipping worldwide. It's been down to extremely talented makers, and to the customers and backers who believed in us from the beginning.

That's why when we we were thinking of asking for investment to help the business grow, it was an idea we posed to our customers first. And it's why 100 of you got behind Thomas Clipper in late 2016 to fund the expansion of our business around the world.


Three World Firsts


Our most recent campaign was for a completely unique product. The first premium cologne collection designed to be blended. The first luxury cologne to be launched through crowdfunding. And the very first project on our new crowdfunding platform: First Edition.

With over 100 orders, the campaign was a success and we'll be stocked with this new cologne collection in Fortnum & Mason.


Our story is only beginning: since launching two years ago we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you new products designed to bring you a fantastic morning.


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