MeN's premium COLOGNE will never be the same



The ultimate olfactory experience.
— Kensington & Chelsea Magazine

The world's first premium men's blending cologne

Two sprays of Coast after a swim, topped up with a little City before evening drinks?

A spritz of just Country on a chilly morning, or blended with two of Coast to lighten up an autumn day?

UNITE is made up of three fragrances: City, Coast and Country.

Each is subtle and sophisticated when used alone.

But when you combine them together you can discover incredible combinations to suit your mood, the occasion or the season.

The options are endless. Your perfect scent is waiting to be discovered.


No animal testing.

100% Organic alcohol.

10% profits in 2017 to Médecins Sans Frontières.

The Best Cologne You've Ever Made

Get your UNITE Sample Set

Get your UNITE Sample Set

While they all work as standalone scents in their own right, you can probably deduce from the name of the trio that these have been designed to work in sync, giving a man the ability to splice them together for different occasions and events - hell, even different times of the day if it takes your fancy.
— British GQ

The Fable Of The Sticks

To be celebrate the launch of our incredible new UNITE blending cologne, we have made an amazing new film: "The Fable of the Sticks". Shot on location in London and Norfolk and starring the incredible Enzo Cilenti, the film explores the meaning of unity in a divided world.

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
— Oscar Wilde

Wear one alone, mix two, blend all three.

With UNITE we’ve made it simple and satisfying for every man to blend and create his own cologne

Create your perfect Cologne