First edition


A Quiet Revolution In Crowdfunding.


Setting sail 5th July 2017.


We believe what makes crowdfunding amazing is access to exceptionally crafted products, and a connection to the people who make them.

With First Edition we've made it even better. How?


Limited Edition: You'll be able to pre-order from the very first limited run batch.

- Invitation only: Each campaign will be vetted by our team ensuring that our ethical sourcing and of course best in class quality standards are met.

- Peace Of Mind: You can be assured that First Edition campaigns will deliver on time, and that if you're not happy we'll make a full refund.


First Edition is crowdfunding, done the Thomas Clipper way.

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
— Oscar Wilde
Kim Bag Croatia Unite Edit copy.jpeg

Learn more about the debut First Edition project: UNITE, the boutique cologne collection from Thomas Clipper.