I had something in my basket, but now it's disappeared. What's going on?

We have two websites, one in £ GBP and one one in $ USD - it might be that you started on one and are now on the other: sorry about that! You're currently in the GBP shop, to choose the USD store, visit here.


Something went wrong on the site and annoyed me

If you tell us what it was, we'll fix it and we'll give you a discount off your next order. Email admin@thomasclipper.com or contact us on social


How do I get the perfect shave?

With great preparation, a bit of skill and of course, the best gear.

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What's so special about your razors?

We make double edge single blade razors. Every expert from your local barber to Dr Guillotine knows that a single blade cuts more efficiently.

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The main difference between the Mark One and the Mark K is design. The Matchbox Travel Razor weighs a little less (it's half aluminium which is lighter than steel) is slightly shorter and can be disassembled.

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Finally we think our razors and shaving gear is a bit special because they were all made by exceptional craftsmen and women, and funded by our customers on Kickstarter.

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Whereabouts do you deliver? How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Delivery is available everywhere in the world.

We have two websites, one in £ GBP and one one in $ USD. To choose your store, visit here.

On both sites, we aim to deliver within 2 days in the UK, 3 days in Europe and North America and 5 days elsewhere. You will be provided with a tracking number when your parcel is sent.

Orders under £50 or $65 are subject to a delivery charge of:

£3/$5 for UK and continental US/Canada/Mexico orders.

£10/$13 for everywhere else.

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How do you choose what to create?

We make a shortlist based on our mission to make mens morning fantastic, and then we ask our customers to vote on what they want. The most popular products get made. It's as simple as that.

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I have a question for you, how can I get in touch?

Contact us here, or on social media. There are only two of us, but we'll get back quickly!