Getting ready for the week ahead and our big first day at the Chateau Versailles tomorrow. Thanks so much to Thomas Clipper for making sure I’m looking my best.
— George Blagden, star of Versailles
It’s time to reacquaint yourself with a razor - and there are few finer than those from new British grooming start-up Thomas Clipper.
— British GQ
The latest essential item...
— ShortList
It takes something different to make an impression on men’s chins. Which is why Thomas Clipper’s approach is so refreshing.
— The Telegraph
...a brand who believe in making a product that lasts, a beautiful razor that will travel with you through thick and thin.
— The Holborn
Hands down the best shave I have ever had. Fantastic products. Who said shaving has to be a chore?
— Brendan, UK
The Thomas Clipper Mark K razor has a beautifully-balanced handle and shape that allows a close shave with minimum effort. It’s been a revelation. Give it a go; like me, you may find that you look forward to each morning’s shave.
— Ernest Journal
Closest shave I’ve had in a long time. The brush is definitely the softest I have owned. I am really impressed with the quality of the product.
— John, USA
I just picked up my brush and bowls tonight, and I am absolutely STUNNED by their beauty. A big thank you from Norway!
— Asbjørn, Norway
Thomas Clipper is set to take the clean-shaven world by storm...
— Wallpaper Magazine
The handle of the Mark One… men… no words… very impressive, I am astonished by the shaving result!
— Daan, Austria
Received my brush, bowl and soap. Excellent! Thanks from Japan.
— Tadayuki, Japan
This isn’t a shaving kit born of the ordinary. It’s been handcrafted with a legendary story going in the backdrop. All set to make your mornings better with a good shave?
— The Gadget Flow
The world needs more companies like yours.
— Larry, Canada