It’s nice to think that when I’ve finished a job people are going to enjoy my work for for years to come.
— Richard, our wood turner

Our soap is hand-made on the Norfolk coast by Sara and Gail in batches of 40. Made from all-natural ingredients and scented with juniper, it’s the best shaving soap we’ve found (and a great excuse for us to visit the seaside).


Timber for the Heritage Bowl and Brush Set is from a 300-year-old British horse chestnut, which naturally came down in the winter storms of 2014. It’s dried and cut to size by Nigel, our woodsman based just down the road from the ancient estate where the tree grew. Our bowls and brushes are hand-made by Richard, our wood turner based just outside Leicestershire. Have a listen to him talk about what he does here.

For our Tuscan Wash Bag we've worked with Giorgio's family-owned tannery who specialise in premium vegetable-tanned leather: better for the environment and better for creating a bag built to last. It's hand-made by a Max's team in a small workshop on the outskirts of Florence, and we recycle some of the off-cuts into new leather products.

Our solid steel razor handles are individually turned by (another) Nigel in in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Our Fantastic Frankincense Shave Oil is formulated from organic seed oils by Tina. It's made and bottled in the Midlands.


We stay local where it improves quality, but if we can’t find what we need close to home, we source the best from abroad. For example, our razor heads are proudly made in Delhi, whilst our flannel is made from organic cotton, milled in Turkey under responsible working conditions, before being hand-finished in Devon.

Our commitment to sourcing the world's best is the inspiration for our newest product, a French developed, British made premium boutique cologne collection.

We’re proud of the things we make, and the people who help us make them. You can learn even more, or contact Matt and Antonio directly at