Complete your shave

Step One

Make the leap from plastic to single blade shaving: closer, more accurate, less irritation... It's your barber's choice, it was your Grandad's choice: learn better shaving for yourself.


Step Two

Get yourself a top notch razor, an exceptional pre-shave oil, a hot prepared face (courtesy of a brilliant cotton flannel) and the right blade for your skin. Our Purist shaving sets (photo below) will deliver the goods on those fronts...


Step Three

Upgrade to a truly relaxing morning shave using a classic shaving soap, lathering bowl and shaving brush. The brush warms and exfoliates, the soap prepares the skin and the bowl is for preparing the lather and storing the soap. To learn more about the complete barbershop shave at home, visit our Shaving Tips page.

Or take the next step below with our 305 year old hand-made Heritage shave set...

This isn’t a shaving kit born of the ordinary. It’s been handcrafted with a legendary story going in the backdrop. All set to make your mornings better with a good shave?
— The Gadget Flow

Complete Set

Includes full heritage set plus our Purist set: double edge safety razor of your choice (Mark K shown), organic pre-shave oil & flannel. Limited to 305 bowls and 305 brushes.

The Perfect Shave
from 239.00

Making the leap to a better, more interesting morning doesn't need to be difficult. Exhibit A - The Perfect Shave from Thomas Clipper.

Choose from three handles made by Nigel in Market Harborough:

-  the Mark K (pictured): limited run, built for precision

- the Mark One: classic, clean lines and simple design

- the Matchbox Travel Razor: fits inside a matchbox but assembles in seconds to three and a half inches of solid metal 

Set also includes 20 Shark blades and our Organic Fantastic Frankincense shave oil, developed and made in the Midlands by Tina and formulated with an anti-razor rash active ingredient.

Handmade by Sara in North Norfolk our shaving soap is all-natural and designed to give you the perfect lather.

Turned individually by Richard in Leicester, the Heritage shave bowl and brush feature engraving of the GPS coordinates where the 300 year old British chestnut grew (and was harvested after a storm brought it down by Nigel, who lives nearby on the historic Boughton estate).

From blade to bristles, this is The Perfect Shave.

Mark K - £298

Mark One - £269

Travel - £239

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Heritage Set

Complement your existing shave with a shaving soap, bowl and synthetic brush made by hand. Limited to 305 bowls and 305 brushes, one for each year the tree grew.

Heritage Shaving Set
“This isn’t a shaving kit born of the ordinary. It’s been handcrafted with a legendary story going in the backdrop. All set to make your mornings better with a good shave?” 

The Gadget Flow

The best shave in history starts with an exceptional lather, hand turned from a British horse chestnut planted in 1710.

In 1710 the rebuilding from the Great Fire of London was nearly finished, Istanbul had just lost out to Beijing as the largest city on the planet and Blackbeard was still sailing the seven seas.

Yes, there was a Blackbeard. His real name was Ed.

When you lather up with our small batch (40 at a time) natural juniper scented shaving soap, you’ll be holding hand-turned wood that is 70 years older than the good old United States of America.

On the rim you’ll find the a set of GPS co-ordinates. So you can use satellites in space to position yourself to exactly the spot where the tree grew. In fact Blackbeard would have been so impressed he’d have had a shave. Probably.

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