There is a strong emphasis on natural materials and local craftsmanship in this range – but what is really impressive about this is the level of support the sets have received even prior to their release...
— Wallpaper* magazine



We launched our company through crowdfunding: that's where customers like you club together to help new products come to life.

Our community has helped to fund all of our products in three successful product launches and one successful investment round on Seedrs. Over the two years since we shipped our first product, hundreds of people have backed our vision of community-driven luxury.

Here's what those backers and customers have to say.

Now after 3 successful rounds of on Kickstarter and a fundraising round on Seedrs, we've launched our own crowdfunding platform succesfully with our UNITE collection of colognes.

It's called First Edition, and we're very excited indeed about what the future holds...


Traditional success, Rebel soul


Our products are now available online on our website and at Fortnum & Mason in London, and in J-Press in New York. They've featured in publications such as GQ, The Telegraph, Wallpaper*, Shortlist and The Guardian.

But despite these traditional endorsements, we're still a community-driven luxury brand at heart. That means we'll continue asking our customers what they want, and then working with our craftsmen and women to make them the best possible products.

That's what makes us different, and we think the results speak for themselves.