All Metal Razor, Shave Oil and Flannel - Mark One Purist Shaving Set

All Metal Razor, Shave Oil and Flannel - Mark One Purist Shaving Set


This classic shaving set by Tomas Clipper is precision engineered to deliver a perfect shave.

Precision solid metal razor. Hand small batch made in Britain by Nigel and his team. Head chromed and cast in Delhi.

Luxury organic shave oil. Scented with subtle frankincense and soothing anti-rash active ingredient.

Premium organic cotton flannel. Embroidered with the TC emblem in Devon, England.

£125 with free worldwide delivery.

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Modern British Design, Classic All-Metal Shaving

It’s time to reacquaint yourself with a razor - and there are few finer than those from new British grooming start-up Thomas Clipper.
— British GQ
The handle is beautifully designed and well turned out. The weight, length and diameter all feel very good in the hand, and the finish is superb.
— Jonathan Race, USA (Mark One Buyer)

A good safety razor has a solid weight to it. Simple design. Good grip. The Thomas Clipper Mark One fits the bill.

At over 100g and just shy of 4 inches tall, this is quite a different beast to what you're used to if you're fresh from plastic shaving. And for chaps well acquainted with the world of classic shaving: this is a razor designed by DE shavers, for DE shavers.

The Mark One features a time-tested 3 piece design, it's made of solid metal and because it takes double edge razor blades it gives you a closer shave with less irritation.

Designed in London, handle made in Britain, head in India. Complete with the perfect accessories for a minimalist shave.

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In the box...

Mark One razor, takes classic double edge blades. Handle turned by Nigel in England from a single piece of solid stainless steel, head cast in lighter zinc alloy and chromed in Delhi. Unparalleled balance, quality construction, timeless design.

Subtle organic Frankincense scented shave oil with a clinically proven anti-razor rash active ingredient gives a fantastic shave on its own or makes for the perfect base layer for a brush shave.

20 Shark blades.

Organic cotton shave flannel warms and exfoliates, readying you for a smooth de-bearding.

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