Mid-Week Mid-Movember

If you're already a Movember veteran you'll have been growing out a beard ready to turn into a moustache. Indeed, you're most likely nearly ready to shave off the extraneous whiskers revealing a glorious moustache to jealous friends, family, colleagues and pets.

That's where we come in.

Trying to shave two weeks of stubble with a plastic multi-blade razor is a bit like attempting topiary with nail scissors. Or carving a Sunday roast with a nail file. In short: not very effective.

Instead of getting all sorts of hair stuck in you razor, choose a single blade metal option like our Mark One, K or Travel. There’s not as much room for hair to get stuck so you can go from bearded to clean shaven in a jiffy.

Don’t believe me? In the words of Mr Ronson: just watch…



As you'll know, the chaps at Movember are doing fantastic things for men's health. You should support them with a donation to a gentleman growing a moustache. Do it right away, or sign up to join those brave chaps here: www.movember.com.

In the above video Matt uses his Mark K razor with the Heritage shave set, a Shark razor blade and Fantastic Frankincense Organic Shave Oil. You can grab it all in one go with the Thomas Clipper Complete Shave Set or visit our shop here to find all this and more brilliant shave gear.