The best father's day present isn't always a gift...

Thoughtful gestures like waking up to a freshly brewed coffee in bed and perhaps a nice dinner out are always a winner.

There are some Father's Day gifts, like a fresh coffee in bed, that money can't buy...

There are some Father's Day gifts, like a fresh coffee in bed, that money can't buy...

But a unique gift can be a great addition to any special father's day, especially when you can't be there to give him breakfast in bed. That's why we've put together our top 5 Best Gifts for Father's Day 2017. Drumroll please...


1. A Shave In A Matchbox?

Matchbox Travel Razor
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For a man who’s clean-shaven face (and love of beautiful bathroom equipment) isn’t about to be compromised by a busy travel schedule.
— British GQ

2. A Gift To Go Down In (Pre)History

Neolithic Shave Set
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Made up of a lathering bowl, and shaving brush turned in Leicester from 5,000 year old semi-fossilised British oak, its wood may well be from a tree that sheltered one of our distant relatives.
— David Evans, Grey Fox Blog

3. A Softer Smoother Face

Organic Shave Oil
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This organic oil made is made in the Midlands with a clinically proven anti-razor rash active ingredient. It can be used with any wet shaving razor. Say goodby to bumps and razor rash...


4. The Full Monty...

The Complete Collection
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It takes something different to make an impression on men’s chins. Which is why Thomas Clipper’s approach is so refreshing.
— The Telegraph

5. The Ultimate Luxury Travel Bag

The Tuscan Wash Bag
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...a superbly sophisticated wash bag. Hand-made in Tuscany from European, vegetable-tanned leather, this is the sort of stylish, hard-wearing travel kit every frequent flier needs - clean-shaven or not.
— British GQ

Still undecided? Have a look at our range of personalised gift cards, and let him enjoy choosing his own perfect shave...